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"Early Tom Waits meets late Joe Henry while waiting for Leonard Cohen to show"

Famous Blue Raincoat's Wayne Gillespie and Rob Grosser have conjured up a collection of original songs built around Wayne’s Cohen inspired lyrics  and Rob's eclectic rhythms. Also featuring Nigel Gavin, Rick Robertson, Goby Catt, Tony Waine, Don Hopkins and Evelyn Duprai. 


The upcoming Famous Blue Raincoat Album "FRAZZ" -  Songs of Cheeky Surrealism, Rock-Edge, Jazz Reflections, Folk Reverence, African Spices, Hypnotic Grooves and Dark Tales . 

Single "Slow Down!"  - A story of Taggers, Teenagers, Truckers, Temptresses and Tyrants!

Features Brendan Power (Van Morrison/Sting/Ray Charles) on Harmonica!!

Cover painting by Gangajangs' Geoffrey Stapleton!


SLOW DOWN link to your preferred platform"SLOW DOWN" a song featuring; Taggers, Teenagers, Truckers, Temptresses and Tyrants - Single release date 29 April, 2022 


Contributors to FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT "FRAZZ" ALBUM Due 24 June 2022

Photos below: Rick Robertson, Goby Catt, Nigel Gavin,

Brendan Power, Tony Waine/Nigel Gavin, Evelyn Duprai

with Don Hopkins, Claire Nabke-Hatton and Cover Paintings by Geoffrey Stapleton.


Singles, Videos and Free Download below