Wayne Gillespie and Rob Grosser have conjured up a collection of original songs built around Wayne’s Cohen inspired lyrics  and Rob's eclectic rhythms.  

“Slow Down” a new single by Wayne Gillespie and Rob Grosser - a song about choices characters (Taggers, Teenagers, Truckers, Temptresses) in the song make while under the influence of a cities' adrenaline rush. This message even more pertinent now we are living in the times of Covid-19. Featuring harp legend Brendan Power (Sting, Van Morrison) and Guitar wizard Nigel Gavin (ex-Robert Fripp) adding their distinct signatures to the mix.

The upcoming Famous Blue Raincoat Album; songs  that invoke a whole range of human emotions: Love, Hate, Joy, Sadness, Lust, Disgust, Fear, Anger, Anticipation and Acceptance.  

Songs of cheeky surrealism, hints of Jazz Saxophone, Folk Reverence, African influence, Hypnotic Grooves, Dark Tales and Rock-Edge.  


Music the band describes as FRAZZ the combination of Folk, Rock and Jazz feels.