Wayne Gillespie and Famous Blue Raincoat (With Rob Grosser)

SECONDS: Life can be created or destroyed in a few precious moments.

A Neil Young and Crazy Horse inspired track
A response to tragic events of;
Covid-19 , Afghanistan, the Russian invasion of Ukraine
and the senseless slaughter in the Palestine/Israel conflict.

"Peace is the only battle worth waging" Albert Camus
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  1. Seconds

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“(Brick By Brick) -That's good! Saxophones sound like Bowie 'plastic soul' era" ” - Martin Phillips (The Chills)

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“The hubris of calling themselves Famous Blue Raincoat is definitely justified ..I don’t know about Cohen for me there is an essence of Lou Reed in that track Chapel Street..”” - John Lampe Tempo The Pulse Radio

The Pulse (94.7FM The Pulse) -1:10 to 1:20

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